Interiors & Exteriors

Whatever your looking for, Our dedicated and experienced team will help you reach your full potential and give life to your designs. Your clients will never be more impressed.

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Introducing the Latest in technology and fashion, with our unique approach, we can bring your designs to life. We will not only give you a 3d render of your design, but allow you to see it actually move and flow in a video. The runway is now digital.

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From unique jewelry for hoardings to one off special designs, We make it possible. With our dedicated team constantly working with you, anything you want can be made. Let us bring your designs to fruition.

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Industrial & Technical

From Prototyping to Design representation we do it all. With our technical expertise, we will give you the 3d breakaway of your product, with every nut and bolt accounted for. Dimension specific designs are our forte.

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A little about us


Founded in early 2012, Cubetek has been working on industry innovative designs from its inception. Starting out as a pure technical oriented company, we soon found our passion was equally spread among design and creation as well. So we expanded , because as we like to say, the only way to reach perfection is to constantly strive for the unknown!

With our patented 3 step process to our unparalled time to delivery and client designer interactions, with cubetek you are getting more than a product. You are getting a work environment that is hassle free and guaranteed success.


Cubetek, where designs are brought to life!